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To be completely honest, I hate holiday shopping. 

I’m an aspiring minimalist, and I don’t need more stuff cluttering up my house. Over the last two years, I have been actively trying to purge unnecessary items from my house. There is always so much stuff everywhere. Being home almost 100% of the time due to the pandemic (and becoming self-employed) has only exacerbated these feelings.  

Even though others don’t necessarily feel the same, I find myself not wanting to contribute to anyone else’s feeling of overwhelm. I don’t want them to feel like they need to purge unnecessary stuff because I gave them a gift. 

It’s incredibly hard for me to come up with ideas for things that people would actually want that would be useful for them. We’ve all gotten gifts that we don’t love. I don’t want people to feel like they need to keep something they don’t like just because they got it from me as a gift.  

In 2019, my minimalism kick inspired me to buy experience gifts, like concerts, classes, movie tickets, museum tickets, etc. Too bad 2021 is still not the year for experience gifts, since not everyone feels comfortable doing indoor activities with the pandemic still happening.

That’s why I’ve started doing something different over the past couple of years. 

Most of the gifts that I have bought (and will be buying) will be “consumable” gifts (food and beverages). To support racial justice, I’m also choosing to buy these from black-owned businesses.

Here’s why I’m choosing to do consumable gifts:

  1. Everyone likes tasty foods and beverages 
  2. They can enjoy it without needing to figure out a place in their house for it to live (after it’s eaten or drank)
  3. They won’t need to feel like they need to keep it forever if they don’t like it. 

I also get to vote with my dollars and support black-owned businesses since I know that COVID has hit black-owned business owners the hardest.

20 Consumable Holiday Gifts from Black-Owned Businesses

Over the last year, I’ve done a ton of research. I wanted to find the best possible gifts from black-owned businesses and share them with you. I did a lot of research online. I also reached out to my social media networks to learn what products people love.  

Here are a few gifts from black-owned businesses that made the top 20 list. As a quick note, I’m choosing my own holiday gifts from this list. Since my friends and family have access to my blog, I needed to throw a number of really awesome red herrings in here. 

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by any of these! I wish I could buy them all, and I will admit to buying a few things for myself as I did this research.

Hot Beverages: Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate

"Enjoy Black" Mug

1. Derek Sips

For small-batch, fresh-roasted coffee beans at affordable prices, check out Derek Sips. In 2012, Derek began roasting his own coffee because he knew that fresh-roasted beans make a more flavorful cup. His goal is to bring the same experience to your home.   

You can enjoy a number of single-source coffee blends from $10-20 per bag. With this coffee, you can “enjoy black” in more ways than one.

coffee black-owned

2. Dope Coffee

Dope Coffee started as an idea focused on creating a special product inspired by Black culture. In the past, coffee has had a stigma around it. The focus has been put on fancy origins, roasts, and blends. They want to show that premium coffee and Black culture go hand-in-hand. 

You can enjoy premium blends such as Dope Sunrise, Tanzania Peaberry, and Organic Guatemalan for a little as $17 per bag.

coffee entrepreneur

3. Red Bay Coffee

Don’t forget to check out Red Bay Coffee. They have a firm commitment to ensure that coffee production is not only high quality and sustainable, but also a vehicle for diversity, economic restoration, and environmental sustainability.  

Every blend (such as East Fourteenth, Coltrane, Brazilian Cake Lady, and Slow Burn to name a few) is rated 5 stars

coffee roaster black-owned business

4. BLK & Bold

The founders created BLK & Bold with a mission. They wanted to turn a daily ritual, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, into a means of giving back. Not only do they have a variety of 5-star rated blends, but they also pledge to give 5% of their profits to support at-risk youth. 

They have a number of single-origin roasts and multiple blends such as Rise & GRND and BLK & Bold. While they do sell their products on Amazon, I’d encourage you to buy directly from the website, so they keep a larger portion of the profits. 

tea shop black-owned

5. Brooklyn Tea

If you are in Brooklyn, you can visit Brooklyn Tea’s tearoom. However, if you are anywhere else in the USA besides New York City, you can get them delivered right to your home.  

With over 90 different flavors of loose leaf tea, you have a lot to choose from. Grab a few different types of tea and an infuser. It’s a perfect gift for a tea lover. 

tea shop black-owned

6. Calabash Tea

If you are looking for high-quality tea that can cure all that ails you (or just tastes good), look no further than Calabash Tea, located in Washington DC.  

They have a good assortment of Chai, herbal, green, and black teas all made with “love” (it’s on the ingredient list!). My favorite flavors include:

  • TeaYonce made with Ginger, Lemongrass, Cayenne, and love
  • Sweet Dreams are Made of Teas made with Chamomile, Lemongrass, Rosehips, and love. 
  • TEA-mergency made with Egyptian Mint, Elderberries, Echinacea, Rose Hips, Ginger, etc., and always love.
Cru Hot Chocolate

7. Cru Chocolate

Cru Chocolate was started by Karla McNeil-Rueda and Eddie Houston in 2016. Karla grew up in Honduras among farmers. This is one thing that inspired her to create a chocolate company grounded in ethical methods after completing her engineering degree.

Karla and Eddie partner with cacao farmers in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, and they make a point of working with women to help them open their own businesses.

When you buy and sip some of their amazing hot chocolate blends, you can know that you are supporting black and minority-owned small businesses both here in the US and abroad.

Spices & Sauces

8. Laila Ali Spice Blends

When I first found these spices, I had no idea that Laila was the daughter of Muhammad Ali. These spices are all-natural and substitute harmful ingredients with foods and products good for the mind and body.  

This makes a great gift for anyone who loves to cook.  You’ll find a variety of spice blends from taco seasoning, soulful seasoning salt, or garlic goddess.

9. Simply Savory by Rachel 

This small spice company came highly recommended. Rachel creates a variety of spice blends, such as bold BBQ, butter-rich steakhouse blend, cajun lagniappe, and rattler dust.

Check out the individual seasonings or packages for the foodie on your list!

10. Basbaas

Basbaas is the only authentic, packaged Somali line of hot sauces and chutneys currently available in the United States.  It was founded by Hawa Hassan, who escaped civil unrest in Somalia and then a refugee camp in Kenya as a young girl. 

These sauces are so popular that you’ll want to order them quickly if you want to get them here by Christmas. There is such high demand that supply is back-ordered for 30 days.

hot sauce black-owned

11. Big Red’s Hot Sauce

Big Red’s Hot Sauce was established in 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona by Paul and Tasia Ford. After Paul was sent to drill wells for troops in Afghanistan, he came back changed and inspired. Paul and Tasia decided to build their own business and create jobs in their community.  

With dozens of different hot sauces to choose from, you can find one for anyone on your list. 

natural sauce and chutney

12. Essie Spice

Essie started her culinary journey in her mother’s tiny kitchen in Ghana. Since then, she’s traveled the world tasting various cuisines and creating condiments.  

With flavors such as Mango Chili Medley, Mekko Dry Rub, TamarindOH, and Coc-for-Garlic, you can’t go wrong for the adventurous eater on your list.

BBQ sauce black-owned

13. Jones Bar-B-Q Sauce

If you have any barbecue lovers in your midst, look no further. You can now get the famous homemade BBQ sauce from Kansas City’s Jones Bar-B-Q Restaurant. This family-owned gem has been in operation for almost 50 years.  

Not only do they sell their original sauce, but they also sell a specialty sauce and dry rub. 

Honey Black-Owned

14. Zach and Zoe

The creators of Zach and Zoe’s Sweet Bee Farm were originally interested in raw honey because it helped their youngest son manage asthma and very bad seasonal allergies. Trust me, raw local honey is a tasty way to reduce allergy symptoms! 

Check out Zach and Zoe’s Honey. It comes in a variety of flavors, including lavender, matcha, ginger root, or just regular old honey. 

Snacks and Treats

15. BOSO Kitchen

BOSO kitchen is a family-owned business in Virginia. It was originally started with a desire to generate extra income to finance an educational charity in sub-Saharan Africa.  

I’ve heard great things about the roasted nuts and can’t wait to try them. They are made in small batches and come in a variety of flavors from candied to turmeric-chili to honey chipotle. 

waffles black-owned

16. Remix Waffles

Remix’s founder, Ryan Bonaparte, spent years creating the perfect waffle recipe. After trying dozens of mixes and recipes, he decided to create his own.

Remix waffles come in regular and gluten-free and are made with all-natural ingredients. Who wouldn’t want waffles for the holidays? 

pralines butter pecan

17. Loretta’s Pralines

If you want authentic New Orleans pralines, check out Loretta’s

Pralines are sweet confections made out of sugar and nuts. Pralines were originally brought over by the French and transformed by African-American cooks working in the French colonists’ kitchens.

Loretta was the first African American woman to successfully own and operate her own praline company in New Orleans.  

For anyone with a sweet tooth on your list this year, check out the original pralines or pralines in a variety of flavors – chocolate, coconut, peanut butter, and even rum.  


wine black-onwed

18. Maison Noir

This black-owned winery was created by sommelier Andre Hueston Mack in 2007. Andre originally created these wines for some of New York’s best restaurants and they are now available nationwide.  

From $25, these unique wines could be fantastic for the oenophile (that means wine lover) on your list. 

wine winery Black-owned

19. Brown Estate Winery

The Brown Estate is the first Black-owned winery in the Napa Valley. The Brown family originally rehabilitated this homestead in the 1980s to sell grapes to local winemakers. In 1995, their kids decided to make their own wine.

Check out their full wine list here.

wine black-owned

20. Charles Wine Company

The Charles Wine Company is a boutique, family-owned winery that sources its grapes from the Sierra foothills in the Lodi Appellation of Southern California.  

From this winery, you’ll find a variety of wines starting at $24, including Zinfandel, Symphony, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noir.

Buy Black this Holiday Season

I’d encourage you to buy black this holiday season. We know that black-owned businesses have been hit hardest by the pandemic. Since many of us are buying gifts for the holidays, what better way to support black-owned businesses than to commit to buying all (or some) of your gifts from one of them.  

Even if you don’t want to buy consumable gifts this holiday season, there are plenty of other black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs you can find.

Here are a few other sites you can check out to find other holiday gifts: 

Will you commit to buying black this holiday season?  

What other black-owned businesses do you love? Drop them below in the comments. 

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