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Make Work WORK for You

In this Slow Fi interview, I talk to Liana (from DINKs on a bus) about how she has made work WORK for her. In the interview, we discuss how she quit a highly prestigious job that wasn’t working for her, changed careers, set clear boundaries, and decided not to pursue management roles. Liana is a great example of the fact that you don’t have to become an entrepreneur to design your life.

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Best Ugly Produce Delivery Service

When we first learned about financial independence, we started to analyze our spending. One of the first things that we realized was that we spent way too much on groceries. While I was doing research into Community Support Agriculture (CSAs), I stumbled across ugly produce delivery services, and found two companies in our area to test out. Here’s what I discovered.

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Working as a Part-Time Contractor Before Coast FI

When I met Raina earlier this year, I learned that she currently works part-time doing contract research and data analysis for a public health organization. I knew I needed to dig deeper and learn how she made this happen. Read the interview to learn more.

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Don’t Defer Your Dreams Until FIRE

Ingrid retired early about eight years ago at the age of 43. As we got chatting as I was traveling through Albuquerque, she said, “I wish there had been more info about Slow FI when I was coming up.” Of course, I wanted to learn more. That conversation turned into this interview about what Ingrid has learned and what she would have done differently.

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