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Corey Gave His Notice and He’s Quitting His Job!

Big changes are afoot in the Fioneer household. Instead of taking an employer-sponsored sabbatical in 2023, Corey has decided to quit his job! In this post, we share more about what changed and why he decided to quit now, what made us feel financially prepared, and what we’ll be doing in 2023!

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Money Doesn’t Magically Fix Our Problems

During his financial freedom journey, JD Roth used money (or a lack of it) as an excuse for not doing things that would improve his life. When he reached FI in 2009, a realization set in. Money was no longer a barrier, but things didn’t magically get better. In this interview, we discuss what he’s learned since then.

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Working Part-Time: Pros and Cons

Recently, a reader reached out and asked if I could write a post about the pros and cons of working part-time! My first step was to crowd-source and pros and cons and work through each consideration.

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Pursuing FI as a Nomadic Traveler

When asked why they are pursuing FI, many people answer that they want to travel more. Many of these same people also believe they need to reach FI and retire early before they can do these things. It’s time to bust this myth. That’s why I invited Cris Gawlik, who has been a digital nomad since 2019 to join me for a Slow FI interview.

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Reflections on our 4th Year Pursuing FI

Sometimes, it feels like day-to-day progress is slow. I love taking time to reflect because it helps me realize how far we’ve come. There are so many things we learned and accomplished in our fourth year pursuing FI!

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Learnings from an Experiment with Fun-Employment

Just over a year ago, Diania dropped the bomb that she had decided to quit her corporate job. Her intention was to experiment with a year of “fun-employment.” I’m excited to bring her back for a Slow FI interview about what she learned in her first year of “fun-employment.”

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quiet quitting

The Case for Quiet Quitting

Lately, I’ve seen people trying to demonize quiet quitting. Quit quitting simply means that you are setting boundaries and not constantly going above and beyond your role. This post will help you figure out what small, quiet quits you can make to improve your job and life without burning bridges.

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Our 3-Week Maritime Canada Itinerary: What to See (AND skip)

We just took our first big trip in our newly converted campervan! We spend a lovely three weeks up in the Maritimes on the Atlantic Coast of Canada. We had a blast, and we want to share with you the best things to do and see. AND, as always, we’ll share what we’d skip if were to do it again.

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10 Frugal Wedding Ideas

Our wedding day was beautiful, and we embraced a money-saving mindset and optimized almost everything. This set a strong foundation for starting our financial life together and more recently, getting on the same page regarding financial independence. For our 13th anniversary, I’d love to share our 10 frugal wedding ideas. 

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Best Ugly Produce Delivery Service

When we first learned about financial independence, we started to analyze our spending. One of the first things that we realized was that we spent way too much on groceries. While I was doing research into Community Support Agriculture (CSAs), I stumbled across ugly produce delivery services, and found two companies in our area to test out. Here’s what I discovered.

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