woman painting portfolio career

Going Part-Time to Build a Portfolio Career

For Meg, financial independence was never about not working. She’s always had so many hobbies and ideas to explore. Instead, FI could provide her with the ability to explore these options. In 2020, Meg went part-time and has built a portfolio career doing work she loves.

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Experiment steps water

Experimentation: How to Move From Ideas to Action

We are currently living our converted campervan for 3 1/2 months working as location independent entrepreneurs. What made this possible for us is that we didn’t immediately jump from step one to step one hundred. We experimented. We tried things out. We learned and adjusted. We took so many small actions until this finally felt like the logical next step.

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woman relax career change

Making Gradual Career Shifts to Design a Better Life

I’m excited to bring you a new Slow FI interview with Lisa. She and I have uncanny similarities. We both worked in nonprofit HR, experienced mental health challenges, and made career changes. Our paths were somewhat different, but have brought us to similar places – running our own businesses and loving RV (or van) travel. Read the full interview to learn more.

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enough woman happy

It’s Time to Figure Out Your Enough Number

The fear of not having enough money. It’s one of the main things that holds us back from taking action to improve our lives. But, what if we could figure out how much was truly enough? This would allow us to tame our fears and move forward.

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meaningful life move forward

To Build a Meaningful Life, Start Asking New Questions

I hear a lot of people ask this question: “How do I discover meaning and purpose after retiring early?” In this post, I’ll share why this is the wrong question to ask and how you can build a meaningful life right now, regardless of where you are on your financial journey.

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mountain road path adventure

2022: Building our Ideal Life NOW

2022 was a big year for us! We took some HUGE steps to design our life along the path to FI, including building out our van and Corey deciding to quit his job. In this post, we walk through the impact on our finances and long-term plans.

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family RV adventure

Preparing for a Gap Year with a Family of Five

I’m excited about this Slow FI interview with Heidi Dusek (from Ordinary Sherpa) because she shows us that you can still live an adventurous life with kids. In fact, she and her husband are taking their 12, 10, and 7-year-olds on a gap year RV road trip in 2023.

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