Hi, we’re Jess and Corey. We’re the founders of The Fioneers, a financial independence blog that we started together in September 2018.

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First, a little bit about ourselves. We are in our thirties, both work for mission-driven nonprofit organizations, and we love talking about money.

We also love all types of adventure, whether it’s exploring a new country, learning a new language, or exploring the great outdoors. We have a goal to travel to 100 countries together before we get too old to travel. We’ve visited eight countries so far, but we hope to have more time to do that once we’re financially independent location independent.

Simply put, we like to dream big.

About the Fioneers

We started the Fioneers as a way to track our journey to financial independence. If there’s anything we have learned so far, Financial independence has many definitions.

We choose to think of financial independence as:

the point at which our assets produce enough sustainable income to cover our living expenses.

This is not just about the money, but more importantly about the freedom that comes with it.

The name “The Fioneers” comes from a combination of: Financial Independence (FI) + Pioneers.

We think the name fits well with our deep-rooted love of adventure. It’s also a constant reminder to enjoy the journey.

Our Motto

Our motto at the Fioneers is:

The journey should be remarkable as the destination.

This means that while we are focused on reaching financial independence, we are enjoying the journey along the way. We don’t want to throw away the next ~10 years of our lives just to reach financial independence earlier.

Instead, we want to discover our passions and create a life that will allow us to achieve both.

Since starting our journey, we have already begun to achieve incremental freedom along the way. This freedom will only increase over time. We’ve begun to leverage it to design a life that we want to live today.

Slow FI

We coined the term “Slow FI” as a way to describe our approach to achieving financial independence. If you don’t read anything else on our site, our Slow FI Manifesto is one that you should read.

This is a big part of our message. And as such, we’ve also created a Slow FI Interview Series to share compelling stories of others who have made intentional decisions to slow down on their path to FI.

What to Expect on The Fioneers

We publish a new article on the blog every Monday morning. We write about a few core topics, including:

  1. Our Journey to Financial Independence
  2. Fundamental Financial Independence Topics
  3. Interviews of others who are slowing down their journey to FI
  4. Lifestyle Design

You can subscribe to our newsletter (via the form at the bottom of this page), follow us on social media, or return to the homepage every Monday for new content.

Start with These Articles

If you are new to this site and would like to know where to start, here’s a brief list of our best articles (in addition to what has already been mentioned above):

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