Essentialism: Life by Design, Not by Default

Essentialism doesn’t mean we just do less. It means we are making the “wisest possible investment of time and energy.” It’s definitely about more than just doing less. It’s about making our best contributions to the world, and we can only do that by figuring out and doing what is essential.

Choose FI Book Review

My first introduction to Financial Independence was reading Your Money or Your Life. The next place I turned to learn more about financial independence was the Choose FI podcast. I listened to my first episodes on the way to our famed Maine trip in 2018. While in...

Meet the Frugalwoods Book Review

Liz Thames published her book Meet the Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living. It took me a while to get around to reading it (for reasons that I’ll mention later), but I’m glad I finally did. I discovered several things I did not previously know about their journey that impacted me in a meaningful way and that will inform our journey for some time.

Book Review: Your Money or Your Life

When Corey asked me to read Your Money or Your Life in a book swap, I begrudgingly agreed (and only because he was reading a book I recommended about women in the workplace). Because I wasn’t excited to read the book, I was skeptical at first. However, once I had read a few chapters, I was hooked.  

Book Review: Work Optional

Tanya Hester recently published her book “Work Optional.” After appreciating all of Tanya’s work at OurNextLife.com, I knew that I needed to read her book. I was not disappointed. The book provided a lot of helpful insights, made me think more deeply about my ideal life and the various options for how to get there. While there were a number of unique insights, I’m confident that this book would also be accessible to someone not familiar with personal finance or financial independence.

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