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Cashing Out Enhances the FIRE narrative

Cashing Out, the new book by Kiersten and Julien Sanders from Rich and Regular, is a MUST read. Their approach to FI goes beyond the traditional FIRE narrative by acknowledging that achieving FIRE is both harder for certain groups of people and why it’s even more imperative than ever.

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Why Building Atomic Habits is Imperative when Designing Your Life

I used to hate habits and routine. But, after taking more control over my schedule, I started to see habits in a new light. They were no longer about trying to make something that was miserable slightly more bearable. Instead, they were about organizing a life that was good, so that it could be even better, more fun, more spacious, and more creative.

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Adventures in Opting Out: A Book Review

I’ve done a lot of opting out in my life. Some of my opt-outs were scarier than others, but I’ve made it through all of them. I’m committed to writing my own script in life. That’s why I was so excited to read Adventures in Opting Out by Cait Flanders.

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Minimalism Design

Essentialism: Life by Design, Not by Default

Essentialism doesn’t mean we just do less. It means we are making the “wisest possible investment of time and energy.” It’s definitely about more than just doing less. It’s about making our best contributions to the world, and we can only do that by figuring out and doing what is essential.

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The Power of Accountability When Designing Your Life

About two years ago, the question: “What would you do if you didn’t have to work for a living?” was a question that stumped me. It forced me to think about what I truly wanted to do and what would make me happy. Here’s what I learned and how I learned it.

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Choose FI Book Review

My first introduction to Financial Independence was reading Your Money or Your Life. The next place I turned to learn more about financial independence was

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