Enjoy the Journey

The journey to financial independence

should be as remarkable as the destination

The journey to financial independence should be as remarkable as the destination

Don't delay happiness until you reach financial independence

Feel like you need to achieve FI before you can make changes to improve your life?

Let’s bust that myth.

We can show you how.

I heard about Coast FI from the Fioneers in 2020, and it has completely changed my life. At the time, I was overworked and stressed out with a 50% savings rate on the path to FIRE.

After downloading their calculator and realizing I had already reached Coast FI, I was able to downshift my work, lean into flexibility and freedom now, and let compound interest do the heavy lifting for the next few decades.

Now, I’m self-employed and make enough money to cover my little family of three’s living expenses on less than 15 hours or work per week. I wouldn’t trade this flexible lifestyle for anything.

One key milestone is Coast FI

To find out your own Coast FI number, grab our FREE Coast FI Calculator!

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Hi! We're the Fioneers.

Our friends call us by our first names, Jess and Corey.

Since 2018, we’ve helped thousands of people design lives they truly love along the way to financial independence!  

Our content, courses, and events help people: 

Most importantly, we walk the talk. Between the two of us, we’ve worked in nonprofits, taken career breaks, worked part-time, started passion-based businesses, taken leaps to self-employment, and built out a campervan!

And… We’re less than 50% of the way to FI. We’re living proof that you don’t need to be FI to design a life you don’t want to retire from.  

You can utilize financial freedom to design your life along the journey

Free Resources to Help You Enjoy the Journey

Coast FI Calculator

"When can I stop working so hard?"

Limiting Beliefs Worksheet

Are limiting beliefs holding you back from taking action?

Meaningful FI Metrics Calculator

"What can financial freedom allow me to do?"

Get Off Autopilot Worksheet

Do you need to get your life off autopilot?

Courses and Programs

Design a Life You Love Group Coaching

4-Month Life Design Group Coaching Program

Overcome Your Scarcity Mindset Course

Live 3-Module Class That Will Help You Overcome Fears of Scarcity and Take Action Toward Your Goals

10-Day Intentional Living Challenge

10-Day Online Challenge to Get Your Life Off Autopilot

Slow FI Retreat (Sept. 28-Oct. 1, 2023)

An intensive, 3-day burst of reflection and inspiration and an opportunity to connect with like-minded people in a beautiful Rocky Mountain location.

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Working (A LOT) Less After Reaching Coast FI

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