How to Create a Financial Independence Bucket List

Before pursuing financial independence, there were many things I wanted to do in my life that I didn’t believe were actually possible. After being introduced to financial independence, I’ve realized that the options available in life are so much bigger than I ever thought possible. Through the pursuit of financial freedom, I can envision my ideal life, and I can make it happen. Creating a financial independence bucket list is a tangible way to make that happen.

Actively Choose to Design Your Life

If we don’t look at lifestyle design as continuous action, anything can be a lifestyle design. Technically, working 40+ hours/week for 40+ years is a lifestyle design. But, unless you are intentionally choosing that lifestyle for yourself, you are not designing your life. If you don’t actively design your life, you are choosing the default.

Taking a Break from Work Can Give You a Whole New Perspective

In 2017, Diania took a 2-month break from work to walk that Camino de Santiago (a 500-mile trek in Spain). This entire experience transformed her life – from saving to make the trip, negotiating the time off, the trip itself, and its aftermath. Taking a break from work was the catalyst Diania needed to completely change her life.

F-You Money is More than a Number

While my experience with anxiety was very challenging, it taught me some important lessons about putting myself first. A key financial concept known as F-You Money gave me the confidence to move forward in a way that prioritized my health and happiness. I’ve also had more recent realizations about F-You money. I originally thought that the sole purpose of F-You Money was to be able to get yourself out of a bad situation. After becoming an entrepreneur, I see that it can also allow you to take advantage of an opportunity.

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