Book Review: Your Money or Your Life

When Corey asked me to read Your Money or Your Life in a book swap, I begrudgingly agreed (and only because he was reading a book I recommended about women in the workplace). Because I wasn’t excited to read the book, I was skeptical at first. However, once I had read a few chapters, I was hooked.  

How to Create a Financial Independence Bucket List

Before pursuing financial independence, there were many things I wanted to do in my life that I didn’t believe were actually possible. After being introduced to financial independence, I’ve realized that the options available in life are so much broader than I ever thought possible. Through the pursuit of financial freedom, I can envision my ideal life, and I can make it happen. Creating a financial independence bucket list is a tangible way to make that happen.

How To Interview Your Next Employer

Throughout an entire interview process, it’s important to remember that you are an equal partner in the decision. Yes, the employer is assessing your skills for the position and your match with the team’s personality. You are also assessing whether this is the right role and environment for you. Here’s how you can interview your next employer.

Slowing Down for a Better Life

The main narrative in the financial independence space says work as hard as you can now to achieve financial independence or early retirement as soon as possible. This narrative implies that upon reaching that goal, we will then be free to live our ideal lives. Some people are trying to push against the narrative.

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